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آموزش متوسطه در کانادا: مدارس ابتدایی، راهنمایی و دبیرستان

From grade 1 to grade 12


September 2022

Canadian High School Diploma opens the doors to the best universities in the world.

Give your child this opportunity

With CanStart Group you can:

  • Get admission to any public school boards or private school in Canada

  • Choose tuition that suits your budget (from $10,000 CAD per year)

  • Receive an experience and carrying custodian for your child or

  • Accompany your child to Canada. We will help with your visa

A Canadian high school diploma allows you to:

  • To enter any university in Canada, USA and England without passing additional tests, such as SAT

  • Avoid taking a Foundation Year at most top universities in Canada, USA and England. A preparatory year is valid only for the university to which the student is applying (and often only for one program), whereas a Canadian high school diploma opens the door to ANY university

  • To be considered for admission to Canadian universities according to the criteria for domestic students

  • Apply for the scholarships that are open to Canadian students (there are much less scholarships for international students). In some cases, scholarships can cover a significant portion of the tuition fees and living expenses

  • After graduating from a university or college, to live and work in Canada for 3 years. Your years of study in high school will count towards Canadian seniority for citizenship

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